Barcode Products: Finding simplicity in complexity

Barcode is something that we see every day. Even a small packet of biscuit has a barcode printed on it. But when did the barcode such an intricate part of our life? If we look at the history, Bernard Silver and Norman Joseph Woodland both graduate student at Drexel Institute of Technology conceived the idea of barcode in the year 1948 and filed for its patent on 20th October 1949. Long after the idea was patented, its first commercial use was made in the year 1974, and a pack of juicy Fruit gum was scanned at grocery store. Whereas, its first industrial adoption was made even later by United States Department of Defence for marking all the products sold to Military in the year 1981. Even though the barcode products were slow to take, they have managed to appear almost in all our daily use items. Further, what really made people embrace the barcode products was its underlying principle of reducing human efforts. Barcodes have introduce a new way of doing business which is effortless, efficient and seamless. So, let us take a look at how barcode products have managed to help with our daily routine tasks.
  1. Helps to reduce human errors:Just imagine, how many errors would occur if you had to self-type the product information while checking out at a billing counter. The number of dissatisfied customers would be huge. Barcode products on the other are 100% free of such errors.
  2. Automates the routine tasks: This is perhaps the best advantage of a barcode products. Barcode products helps us to automate routine activities like data gathering and data inputs. Further it considerably reduces the time taken to do the routine task and improves overall efficiency of the business enterprises.
  3. Helps in tracking the inventory: Barcodes are the best inventory tracking tools. We all know how onerous keeping track of inventory is. But barcode products makes this task made easy. With a proper barcoding system one can track exactly the quantity of any product as well as its location. Further as the data captured is directly transmitted to the computer system, the inventory levels can be easily monitored and the cost of holding the inventory can be brought down.
  4. Helps in decision making: If you think that barcoding is just about collecting data and scanning then you cannot be more wrong. Barcode products actually help the management take informed decisions as the data obtained from barcode products is accurate and real-time.
  5. Saves money:The biggest myth about the barcoding systems is that they are very costly. In fact in truth barcodes are inexpensive and can be easily designed and printed. What’s more you can customize the barcodes economically as per their intended usage. Also, even if at one point you have to outlay a modest amount of cash, the money that your business shall save far exceeds to cost of barcode products.
This are some of the benefits that your business can reap from having a robust barcoding system and are also the reasons for the rising popularity of the barcode products.

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