Over the years we have met business owners who continue to use clerks to feed data, control inventory and manage shipping efficiencies. With Electro Solution’s barcode printing solutions, these very businesses have scaled to new heights and now have the power in their hands. We have seen that our barcode printing solutions have helped them track packages, reduce errors, limit costs and improve customer satisfaction.

We advise our customers to make the right choice of barcode label printers depending on their business size, printing environment, connectivity, frequency and their needs. The inkjet, laser and dot matrix barcode label printers have moderate print quality and readability, fading over a period of time. If you need barcoding for inhouse purpose, you can very well use them. For products that are going to stay on the retailer shelf for long, a more advanced barcode printer works better. The thermal barcode printers can give near permanent prints that assure great readability, low maintenance and bigger savings in the long run. They are extremely popular because retailers do not want a customer to stand at the cash counter and wait while the scanner refuses to read the barcode.

Yet another factor for consideration is size. The desktop barcode label printers are great for low volume enterprises while the industrial barcode label printers are recommended for shipping, manufacturing or other large scale industries. If you are not sure of the right barcode printer for your needs, we are just a call away.

With Electro Solution’s barcode printers you will be able to see a definite return on investment, irrespective of your business size. We encourage you to checkout our complete catalog to compare features and select the right one for your purpose.