Barcode scanners are commonplace but customers often feel unsure about their choices. Electro Solutions bring in the most advanced versions and lets you make an informed decision. Depending on the environment, frequency, barcode types and connectivity, we can advise you to pick the right barcode scanner or barcode reader. After all, barcode scanners are part of your asset tracking system and it can greatly influence resource control, maintenance and a myriad of benefits.

Today’s scanners go the extra mile with bluetooth, cordless, wi-fi and other connectivity options, making the buying decision more confusing. Do not worry as we can put our decade long experience to good use and help you pick your perfect match. If you are looking at standard or 1D linear barcodes you can very well go for laser scanners that can read from few inches to few feet with ease. Linear barcode scanners can function similarly with better readability of even damaged labels. If you need a more multi-purpose device for 1D, 2D, stacked barcodes, 2D scanners should be your best bet. It is intelligent enough to scan in any direction and their speed is unmatched. Once you are sure of the technology you can go on to shortlist the form you like. You can pick cordless handheld scanners or hands-free presentation scanners for retail operations where ease and speed is of essence. For a barcoding system that's primarily for tracking inventory we highly recommend computer barcode scanners that store information in build-in memories and can be carried around with ease. If you need a barcode scanner for a factory environment where 6ft drops are frequent and the setup is dusty, choose a rugged form.

We understand choosing the right barcode scanner can influence daily operations, tracking and analytics. If you feel stuck, reach us and let our experts suggest an apt one for your purpose.