A product label is a generic term for the printed information affixed to a product usually communicated through the manufacturer or marketer to the users. Labels can be made for just about any product, it can label cosmetics, food, beauty, FMCG or anything but the good news is that we can create it for you in any size, in any shape and in any quantity. Product labels can be made from a variety of materials. The usual ones used are paper, cardboard, cloth, metal and plastic of various grades and category. We customize them for you on a clear or white vinyl material. You can choose where the label goes - on the lids of your product, wrap them around, on the sides or just cover the whole thing. We make waterproof product labels that last longer in fridge, dishwashers or washing machines. It will stick strong and last longer. We believe product label is a crucial selling point for any product. Usually, nearly 70% of product buying decisions happen at the retail shelf or POS as they call it. And labels assist customers in taking those essential buying decisions. No matter how much advertising you do, if your packaging on shelf is not expressive, you lose that sale at the last mile. So your labelling is important from marketing as well as legal point of view and you cannot go wrong. When your company orders product labels it must take all of these factors into consideration. Better still, leave it to us. We do it all when we do it for you. Order all your custom product labels right here. Electro Solutions is renowned for high quality product labels - transparent, clear, white, vinyl, waterproof - you name it and we’ve got it.