Our thermal printers due to their tech, speed, and quality of print have become an industry standard and are mostly used in banking, airways, grocery, entertainment, retail, and healthcare industries.

You can get a direct thermal printer or transfer thermal printers for near permanent printing quality. Direct thermal printers uses paper that becomes dark as heat gets applied. Inks or toners are non essential and hence maintenance is minimal. Thermal transfer printers transfers solid ink via ribbons typically created from wax, resin, or a blended version and is affixed using heat/pressure. You will typically find thermal label printers in two varieties: one generates black and white output, and the other coloured.

Here are some of the advantages of using a thermal printer:

Faster printing – Since printing heads create pictures in milliseconds, you can print more lines per second, and at a faster rate since it takes less time for the ink to dry. The higher rate of printing means that you can print out more packaging, bills or receipts in a shorter period of time, leading to increased efficiency.

Lower cost – Thermal printers are built using technology in which specially treated paper produces the images and text upon precise exposure to heat. This reduces the need for printer peripherals used in traditional printing, such as cartridges and ribbons, making the only cost in such printers that of the paper.

Lower maintenance – Compared to traditional printers, thermal printers have lesser parts that move around within the printer, leading to a lower chance of breakdown of individual parts. This in turn helps lower the overall maintenance cost associated with thermal printers, making them cheaper to own and maintain.

Better prints – Since thermal printers use heat and not ink to print images and text, the print is of high quality, is precise and is smudge proof. The print therefore is more durable and does not fade over time through exposure to UV light, weather conditions or liquids.

Great performance, lower maintenance costs, fewer moving parts and lesser chances of breakdown are all the top benefits you get when you buy our thermal printers.

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