Once you have graduated to a higher level of label printing, you won’t go back to the primitive solutions. With thermal barcode printers, you need to be sure of the barcode ribbon which defines the label quality and barcode longevity. Barcodes are printed on so many substrates that barcode ribbon manufacturers have adapted to the multi-purpose needs. And we have our portfolio full with choices too.

We can get you wax ribbons that are perfect for matte or semi-glossy labels printed on paper. Longevity is not an issue but you need to be careful about the environment they need to be subjected to. We usually tell our customers to ensure no abrasion and no chemical exposure. Any harsh condition can melt the wax and smudge the result, rendering it non-readable, which defeats the purpose of barcoding. A wax/resin blended version is best suited for synthetic films as well as paper. It is more tolerant towards scratches and moisture. Many industries, like the shipping one, does not have a gentle handling and prefer such mixed versions. Pure resin barcode ribbons are more multi-purpose and can print on all plastic label versions. Dip it in water, scratch-over or expose to chemicals without worry. When durability and all purpose barcode ribbon is what you have on mind, look no further.

Whether you own a desktop version or an industrial printer, you can reach out to us. The decision for the right barcode ribbon may not be as easy and we totally understand. Give us a call and steer clear of all your doubts. When you buy from Electro Solutions you can be sure that the barcode ribbons are lab tested and consumer validated to work on specific material they claim. Join the many loyal customers of Electro Solutions and be assured of world class barcode ribbon solutions, second to none.